Max 5 min for setup

Vigo-CucumberJVM Configuration



  • You need to to have the Java Development Kit (JDK) installed and available.
  • You will also need to have Cucumber JVM Report Directory Path.
  • You will also need Project Key For the configuration
NOTE : Please add this - "json:target/cucumber.json" into your@cucumberoption
Eg. @CucumberOptions( format = {"html:target/cucumber-html-report", "pretty", "html:target1/cucumber", "json:target/cucumber.json" }, features = { "path of feature file"})
  • 1. Download the Vigo-CucumberJVM fromHere (Cucumber-0.0.3).
  • 2. Generating Config file
    Java -jar Vigo-Cucumber-xxx.jar -init
  • 3. Add Report directoryPath and Project key into config file
    { "projectKey":"502d97c9a94567GH59711966a3ec8d758", "reportDirectory":"F:/TestingProjectWorkspace/Test1/target" }
  • 4. Start the VigoBot-Cucumber
    Java -jar Vigo-Cucumber-xxx.jar
  • 5. After VigoBot is started, Execute your automation code to track the result on vigoReport.

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