Testing Made Easy

Key Points

Easy configurable

It takes only 5 minutes to set up. No required of high-level coding configuration to generate your automation report. To configure a automation environment with VigoReports, You just need to pass your project-key and project directory then Smart VigoBot will take care of all rest of things and it's only one-time configuration. That's it.


Clean Interface

Vigo generates automation report with a clean and easy to understand interface. VigoReports represent your test-case result with the various charts and give you valuable analytics. it will give you whole insights of your test build, like build & test status, highlight failure reason, execution time details of test steps. This will help tester to determine whether to modify the script or report a bug for actual failure.


Test Analytics

Important information with graphs and tables represent the smart analytics of you current build, and progression flow gives the success and fail ratio over time. With the smart analytics, Project manager or business people can get the idea about automation statistics like build progression , Total time summary, Module wise summary. This will help decision maker to track failures of the modules and come with some important decision regarding projects.


Progression History

Yes, History is always important. Here vigo always care about your build history over time, and come with some new executable information. By mining history it will help you to review prograssion chart to check health of builds, Execution time chart to determine machine capacity and success and failure ratio respectively over time.


Take a look

ViGo famous for


Manage Multiple Project

Manage your multiple project from one dashboard.


Custom Email Trigger

Get your test execution summary through mail via various custom email triggers


Multi Test-Framework Support

Choose your team's favorite test framework and start reporting with vigo


Admin & Devloper Dashboard

Different type of dashboard targeted for different user role


Fast and Smart Analitics

Details summary and analytics of your test automation.


24x7 Support

Stuck by anything ??... Our Expert Team will always available for the help.

Vigo Friends

Some people have said some pretty nice things about us

Nishil Patel
“It's easy and smart analytics gives me clear idea about test automation status and progress”
- Nishil Patel
 Federico Toledo
“It was amazing how in just a few easy steps I could add a lot of value and functionality to my automation framework... and it was free! I highly recommend this superb tool.”
- Federico Toledo
Raveendar Reddy
“Vigo.. it's the way to go.. An easy way to manage all your Automation projects at one place. No matter how older or younger your reports are.. you can manage them over here.”
- Raveendar Reddy